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New Amplified Bluetooth IPad IPod MP3 4 RCA Drive-In Movie Speaker Set + Silver Metal Pole & Base
New Amplified Bluetooth IPad IPod MP3 4 RCA Drive-In Movie Speaker Set + Silver Metal Pole & Base

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Price: $474.95
Condition: New
Material: Aluminum

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New Amplified Bluetooth IPad IPod MP3 4 RCA Drive-In Movie Speaker Set + Silver Metal Pole & Base

We’re excited to announce our amplified lighted Smart Device RCA Drive-In Movie Speaker Set with Silver Metal Pole and Base. After extensive testing with various amps, we finally found the ideal amp that fits our junction box nicely. The amplifier delivers stereo sound, rated at 8 watts per channel, and is over surge protected. The junction box is equipped with a coiled 3.5 mm music input jack that can be plugged into any smart phone device, including MP 3-4 players, IPods, IPads, and Laptop computers. Our amplified stereo speaker combination produces a good mix of high/low, and mid-range sound. Included is a built-in on/off power switch that operates the amplifier and LED light. The LED light bulb illuminates the red diffuser lens and top of the speaker pole. We’re also supplying a 3-foot 5.5MM extension power supply cable that attaches to the amp and down the pole to power supply. This amplifier requires 12 volts to power up. A 3-foot 110 volt power supply is included to convert 110 household power into 12 volts for the amplifier. Keep in mind, our set-up could operate on any 12 volt applications, such as your car cigarette lighter. Perfect addition for your classic car shows, recreational room, around the pool, or even man cave. Our Drive-In speaker set is also Bluetooth compatible. The junction box top has to be removed in order to toggle a micro switch from hardwire (3.5mm) jack to wireless Bluetooth. This unit will be shipped in Bluetooth mode.

Amplifier Specifications/Bluetooth 4.0 Amplifier Specifications:

  • Voltage: DC 12 Volt
  • Dimensions: 4.8cm x 8cm
  • Channel Type: Dual Channel
  • Output Impedance: 4Ω
  • Output Power: 8W +8W (4Ω speaker)

Speakers/Junction box/Pole and Base Details:

  • (2) RCA speakers with Junction box.
  • These speakers are still manufactured by us Detroit Diecast using the original casting molds from the 1950's.
  • The casting are made of aluminum.
  • The internal components are all new.
  • This includes 4 inch, 4 ohm waterproof speakers, continuous rotation volume controls, new Detroit Diecast 6 foot straight cords.
  • The Junction box (J-Box) is also new which includes a red defuser.
  • Silver Powder Coated Drive-In Movie Speaker Metal Pole And Base
  • Our heavy duty round base were designed to support our unique 2 inch metal pole for Drive-In Speakers.
  • Total weight of the base is just under 8 pounds. Professionally painted silver powder coat.
  • Total length of 11 inches. 2-1/2 inches high from top to bottom. Easy to assemble, top plate is made of metal, seated on a weighted plastic coated base.
  • Includes Silver Powder Coated Detroit Diecast Drive-In Movie Speaker 2 Inch Outer Diameter Metal/Steel Junction Box Base Support Pole.
  • This heavy duty Steel 3-foot pole was designed to support our unique Drive-In Speaker base holder.
  • The Outer diameter (OD) of the pole is 2-inches. One end attaches to the base, the other to Drive-In Speaker Junction box.
  • Retaining plate incorporated in bottom of pole to support pole to base.
  • Retaining bolt and washer included.
  • Access port in bottom of pole to allow power source wires up into the pole to Junction box.
  • We added a black grommet to protect your power source wiring.
  • Total weight of the pole is just under 5 pounds.
The speakers have been tested to ensure functionality. Get ready to Rock and Roll with your new set of vintage Drive-In Speakers!