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Do it Yourself RCA Cir-lite Drive-In Movie Speaker Lighted Junction Box Kit
Do it Yourself RCA Cir-lite Drive-In Movie Speaker Lighted Junction Box Kit

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Do It Yourself RCA Cir-lite Drive-In Movie Speaker Lighted Junction Box Kit

Many of our customers over the years inquired about what exactly is needed to make their RCA/Circ-lite junction box light up. There are a few ways to accomplish this task, but we decided to offer a lighted kit that's simple and self-contained. The kits are pre-assembled, just needs to be installed inside your RCA/Circ-lite Junction box. We do offer complete lighted Junction boxes, see our other products.

Our lighted system operates on 6 volts (4 AA batteries). All components are contained inside your Junction box. No external power source or wiring needed.

The light kit consists of the following:

  • 6 volt automotive light bulb
  • Bulb socket
  • On/off latched switch
  • Terminal strip
  • AA battery holder (Batteries not included)
  • NOTE: Junction box not included

See pictures to see example of light kit illuminated in Junction box.

This battery operated light system is wired in series. There are also additional terminals available to join speaker wires to your music source wiring. All connections are soldered to insure good continuity and functionality.


Installation Guide:

Step #1: Start off by removing the male and female spade terminals from the terminal strip and light socket that are attached to the on/off switch. Use a flat blade screwdriver for the terminal strip. Simply pull the female spade terminal off the light socket. Make note of wiring orientation for reassembly.

Step #2: Unscrew the plastic retaining nut off the switch.

Step #3: Insert the wires and switch through the existing pre-drilled hole as shown in illustration.

Step #4: Tighten the plastic retaining nut with needle nose pillars. Be careful not to over torque plastic retaining nut.

Step #5: Attached the terminal strip to the base of the junction box with the machined screws provided. The screws must be attached to the rear most retaining screw holes. Refer to illustration.

Step #6: Remove the tape liner paper off the back of the battery pack adhesive Velcro tape.

Step #7: Thoroughly clean the battery pack mounting surface with rubbing alcohol. Center the battery pack holder inside the top Junction box casting. Firmly press the battery pack holder to the housing. Install 4 AA batteries into holder to power up the unit. Observe the AA battery polarity. Run a small piece of adhesive tape across the batteries to ensure they do not fall out. Batteries and adhesive tape are not included.

Step #8: Test the system by pushing the red on/off button in the closed position. The red button will be close to flush in the on position.